Taking Care of Your Full Lace Wig

Purchasing a wig can be a big decision for you. You may have different reasons for wanting or needing a wig, but whatever your reasons may be, you know getting a wig of quality is a big investment for you. A good wig can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you want to know that what you buy is quality and is going to last you a long time. The key to making sure your wig holds up well is taking care of it the proper way. Learning how to take care of your full lace wig will give you many wears and help you to get your money’s worth.

Washing your Wig

It is best to wash your wig regularly so you can keep it looking at its best. Using a gentle shampoo designed specifically for wigs is one way you can go, but these shampoos can be costly. Another alternative for you is to mix a small amount of shampoo, as little as a tablespoon, with lukewarm water in a spray bottle. You can then place the wig in cool water and spray it with your shampoo mixture. Comb the shampoo so you can distribute it throughout the wig, then rinse the wig off under cool water before you condition it. Add a small amount of conditioner to another spray bottle with warm water and repeat the process, rinsing when you are done. Use a towel to gently dry the hair and then let the wig air dry completely.

Storing Your Wig

You may only want to wear your full lace wig on certain occasions, which means you want to have a place where you can store it safely until you are ready to wear it again. Investing in a mannequin head can be a good idea so that you can keep the wig styled nicely and prevent the hair from getting tangled. Covering the hair with something like a silk headband can help prevent dust from accumulating on the wig.

Taking Care of Your Full Lace Wig

Buying a Quality Wig

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