• Synthetic wigs and hair remind me of the older wigs that I saw growing up in my Granny's closet.  They would sit on faceless styrofoam heads in her bath closet: Creepy!! The hair was stiff and lifeless.  Human hair wigs and weaves have totally revolutionized the beauty industry.  Flawless texture...
  • Wig Stores Online

    Living in a time where everything is readily available at the stroke of our fingers definitely has its advantages.  We can shop from the comfort of our home, from our smartphones while on the go, and pretty much any time of day.  The ease of purchasing online and various shipping options from lar...
  • Wig Store Open Near Me Culver City

    Specialists taking the time and initiative to understand what you are looking for is what clients receive at  Magic Hair company. Whether you are  giving your  natural tresses a break, wanting to switch up your look,  or to discreetly hide hair loss, Magic Hair Company has you covered.   Superb customer service, personal attention, and recommendations on which styles and products will help achieve your desired outcome are a few  benefits of coming into the store.  The convenience of having this wig store near you is such a wonderful perk. Being able to get your questions answered, concerns addressed by friendly, knowledgeable staff is just unmatched.  This is truly a  One stop shop for your custom wig purchase, installation, and  coloring.
  • Whats the difference between a full lace and Front Lace Wig?

    Options, versatility, style freedom, and natural hair line all come to mind when choosing between a Full Lace wig or a Front lace Wig. Which is Better? Full Lace or Front Lace?  Great thing is, it’s completely your choice. Let’s start with the differences.
  • Best wig for beginners

    Overall the ease and comfort of wearing a wig outweighs all other factors.  When shopping, no one wants to bother with meticulous, time consuming maintenance or lots of preparation before wearing a wig.  Like our own natural tresses, we like wash n go. So when donning a wig, we want to shake, fluff, and go.  Easy to slip on and off.  Having to use tapes and glues takes time and care to prevent natural hair loss.  A pre plucked wig  lessens the time needed for all the careful preparation to go into getting that front thinned just right.  Bleached knots are an added benefit of concealing the hand tied knots of quality premium hair on the lace cap.   Putting on a thin lace cap that shows off your scalp and blends beautifully,  presenting a flawless hairline-- that is the GOAL.  So for beginners, go for the Glueless Swiss lace wig, that is pre plucked.  If you are a perfectionist, don’t skip the bleached knots.  This will give you the seamless appearance we all desire.
  • Best Wig Companies

    As custom wig specialists, Magic Hair Company has taken a special interest in clients who have hair loss due to chemo and other issues.  The welcoming environment and personal one on one custom shopping experience gives the client the freedom of having the store to themselves.  They can shop comfortably, and customize their experience as they choose.  Services include in store coloring, styling, layering and bangs.  An appointment for wig installation is easy to book.  Styling is included in every wig purchase.  Magic Hair company extends a great deal of options to their clientele.  As a Quad Pay store, you have flexible paying options when you shop with Magic Hair company.  In store financing is among one of the flexible options at checkout.
  • Glueless Lace Wig

    If anyone wants to recover his hair loss Magic hair company offers proudly glueless lace wig and top quality hair. 100% virgin Remy hair of our company fulfills the need of needy people for a reasonable long time. Thereby our valuable customers can save their money because they have not to buy the required hair again and again. Our top quality hair makes the needy people successful to gain the recovery of lost hair, beauty and confidence.
  • How to Buy the Best Virgin Hair for You

    You see so many great hairstyles worn by your favorite celebrities and models or even by your friends and family, and you wish you could have the beautiful hair that they all seem to have. What you may not realize is that many of the styles you see worn by the rich and famous today are that way because of the extensions they have purchased and have had worked into their natural hair. You can get the same great look yourself. All you need to do is invest in just the right type of extensions for your hair. There are some steps you want to take so you can be sure to buy the best virgin hair you can get.