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If you were not blessed with the type of hair that you really want or just want to achieve a different look for yourself with your hair, you have many great options available to you today. While some people may have an interest in going with a wig to create a new look, there are all kinds of extensions that you can explore that can add great length and body to your hair and create a completely new look for you. Even with extensions, your hair may still not be perfect for you. In cases like this, you may want to explore the idea of using a lace frontal with your hair to make everything seem more natural and give you a look you want.

A More Affordable Option

If you have ever explored the marketplace for full wigs, you know that they can be very expensive. To get a wig that looks great and is made well can easily cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If this option is not affordable to you, a frontal can be a better option. Frontals are a lot less of an investment for you, making it something that more people are looking into today. You can buy a frontal and have it placed into your hair at your hair salon by someone that is an expert in this type of work so you can be sure to get your hair in the style that is best for you and spend a lot less money.


Using a Lace Frontal with Your Hair

Versatile for Styling

When you get a lace frontal, you get something that provides you with a lot more versatility when it comes to styling. With a frontal, you get options that you may not have were you to buy a lace closure. Frontals allow for your hair to be pulled back in styling. You can easily integrate the frontal with your natural hair or with extensions you may have to create the style and pattern you want to show. This allows you to choose different options to create different looks.

See Our Frontal Options

 If you are interested in purchasing a lace frontal, then you will want to take a look at the options we have available at the Magic Hair Company. You can see all of our products when you visit our website at so you can learn what options are available and even order directly right from our web store. You can get the frontal you want so that you can create the beautiful hairstyle you always wished you had.

Having great hair is something we all strive for each day. Of course, some of us are luckier than others and are born with naturally beautiful, full hair that can be cut and styled to look great in any manner. The rest of us may not be so lucky and sometimes need a little bit of help to get that beautiful look that we want each day. Help today can come in many forms, including the use of extensions and the different wig options that are available. At the Magic Hair Company, we have a variety of options available to you, including the different lace closure options that you can choose from.

Silk-Base Closures

One type of closure you may want to consider is the silkbase closure option. With these closures, you get a silk base for the closure and individual strands of hair attached to it. There are advantages to choosing silk base that can work well for you. With this type of closure, you have many more styling options available to you so you can make it look the way you want. These closures are also known to have thicker fabric so that they will last longer for you. Silk closures are also known for providing better ventilation so that they can be more comfortable for you to wear when you are in warmer weather.


Monofilament Closures

Another type of lace closure available is the monofilament closure. This closure is a mesh that is applied in single strand method. This closure is among the most durable that you will find and while it can be styled into different hairstyles, it is better suited to stiffer styles where you may full bangs. This is because the closure can keep its shape better without needing a lot of work. The mesh also offers a transparent base to the closure, allowing your scalp to look better when you are wearing it.

Sell All your Choices

When you are considering a lace closure, you will see that there are other options available to you as well. If you would like to learn more about the different options and see the choices that we have available at the Magic Hair Company, please feel free to visit our website at You may also call us directly at 310-558-0181 and speak to a representative if you have any questions about a product so you can be sure to make the right choice and get the best hair for you.