Knowing about Virgin Hair

Understanding what virgin hair is can make a big difference to you when you are buying a wig. Virgin hair is hair that has not been touched by chemicals in any way. This means that the person the hair comes from never used dyes had a perm or used chemicals in any manner. Even after receiving the hair, the makers of the wig did not use any chemicals in the processing. What you will get is hair that is unprocessed and natural so that it feels its best and looks its best.

The Texture of the Hair

You will be able to note if what you have purchased is virgin Indian wavy hair by the texture of the hair. Take the wig in your hands and run your fingers through the hair to feel it. The hair should not feel overly silky to you and will have a coarser feel to you, indicating that it is natural Indian hair. Many places will treat hair with chemicals to make it feel silkier and look straighter, but this is not what you are looking for. You want the right feel and wave to it so that you know it is authentic.

Where to Find Virgin Indian Hair

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