Virgin indian wavy hair

It can get frustrating at times after countless tries of trying to style your hair exactly how you want it and not seeing results. Maybe your curls did not come out or your hair was too flat. Whatever the reason was we have a solution that can help! Get the hair and style that you have been wanting by using wigs or extension provides by the Magic Hair Company. You will love our hair because you are the one who gets to pick the style that you want. You can get the thickness that you've always wanted, curly hair, sleek hair, whatever kind of hair you would like! We make sure to offer superior hair compared to those local beauty stores, that is why our clients keep returning to buy our hair. If you are interested in seeing how virgin indian wavy hair can help create your hair styles keep reading or give us a call at (310) 558-0181!

culver city wig maker

You want to make sure to pick a wig maker with experience. Why you may ask? well, nobody wants a badly constructed wig that will make you feel like you wasted a great deal of money. Instead you want to reach out to a wig maker with experience with extensions. At Magic Hair Company you will make sure to receive help from an experienced wig maker and a solid reputation in the industry. We provide a wide variety of wigs, extensions, closures, and so much more that will target the hairstyle of your choice. So the next time you are looking for a Culver City wig maker you know you can rely on Magic Hair Company. 

custom closure

We might not all have naturally great hair where where we can do any and all fantastic styles. Many of us have unruly hair that breaks, too thin, or it just never comes out the way you want it too. That is why a custom closure can be the best alternative! You can pick the exact hair style that you desire and those different hairstyles that you always wanted. A particular closure is a perfect fit because it is integrated to your hair and gives it a natural look. Because of this you are always able to achieve more hairstyles by parting and styling your voluminous hair.  

hair extension by magic hair company

Hair extensions have been all the rage for several years now, and more women turn to using extensions so they can get just the look they want for their hair. Extensions give you the chance to add volume, design, color and length without having to wait months or years for your own hair to grow. Of course, with the popularity of extensions, there are also many more companies in the marketplace today offering you wigs and extensions. With all of the options available to you, how are you to know which company is the right one for you? There are some tips you will want to follow so you can make sure you use the best hair company for your extensions.

hair extension by magic hair company

Today you see models, actresses and celebrities on television, in the movies or on the Internet all with hairstyles that you would die to have. They all seem to be blessed with naturally beautiful, curly hair, while you struggle with your own locks. You have tried getting perms and styles in the past, but nothing you seem to do can make your hair look as good, or give you the curls that you really want. Instead of dealing with the constant frustration you face when you are going out for a special occasion, you can turn to the professionals at the Magic Hair Company so you can get the kinky curly hair that you have always wanted.

Hair extensions have been all the rage for several years now, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, extensions are in demand more than ever before, and companies that offer a variety of extensions to customers often have a hard time keeping up with demand. If you are thinking about getting extensions for your own hair and have never ventured into the market before, you want to make sure that you get a high-quality product that is well worth your investment. You certainly want to take a look at getting extensions that make use of raw Indian hair to make sure you get something great.

Very Versatile Hair

Many women today prefer to choose Indian hair because it can be so versatile in how it can be worn. You can wear the extension in just a straight form if you want to go for a long, straight look to your hair. The hair can also get curled easily so that you can have a curly look style that you may have never been able to achieve before. You want the flexibility to style the hair the way you want,so it makes owning Indian hair a much better choice over some of the other options you find sold today at different shops. Indian hair is also thicker and has a fuller body, giving you better volume to your hair.



Why Choose Raw Hair?

Many people may get confused by the term raw Indian hair and wonder what it means. Raw hair is hair that has not been chemically treated or processed in any way. The composition of the hair has not been altered by things like bleach or chemicals used during a perm process or other hair treatments. You get a cuticle layer that flows in the proper downward direction as it should before the hair is cut for the extensions. Hair of this quality provides you with better volume, a silkier feel and eliminates any tangling or matting so that the hair lasts longer.

Where to Get Your Extensions

If you would like to know where you can go to get the high quality raw Indian hair you want for your extensions, then turn to us at the Magic Hair Company as your source. We supply top-level wigs and extensions made from the finest hair possible, so you get the best. You can see a selection of our inventory when you visit our website at so you can find the hair you want and place an order online to get the beautiful-looking style for your extensions.

You see so many great hairstyles worn by your favorite celebrities and models or even by your friends and family, and you wish you could have the beautiful hair that they all seem to have. What you may not realize is that many of the styles you see worn by the rich and famous today are that way because of the extensions they have purchased and have had worked into their natural hair. You can get the same great look yourself. All you need to do is invest in just the right type of extensions for your hair. There are some steps you want to take so you can be sure to buy the best virgin hair you can get.

Why This Type of Hair?

There are reasons why you want to go with extensions that are labeled as made from hair that is virgin quality. This type of hair is pure and unprocessed in any manner, from before it was cut and donated until the time you receive it. Hair like this will feel better and look more natural. It will also last you for a much longer period, which is important to you when you want your extensions to look their best. Extensions of this style can be expensive, so you want to be sure you get the best quality for the money you invest.



Things to Consider

There are some things you want to consider when you are looking for the best virgin hair to buy. First, you want to know just what needs you have with your hair so you can be sure you purchase the proper extensions for your hair. There are many options available, so you want to find out about all the options and understand what they are so you can be sure you buy the right piece. You want to choose hair that is of the length that you want the most and is a color that fits nicely with your tone and natural hair so that it will blend nicely.

Get Some Expert Advice

If you would like to learn more about virgin hair so you can be sure you make the best purchase for you, take the time to give us a call at Magic Hair Company. We are experts in the business and offer some of the finest extensions and wigs that you will find anywhere. You can contact us at 310-558-0181 and speak with a member of our staff to talk about hair and answer any questions you may have so you can be sure you get the best look for your hair.

You have many options available to you when you want to change the look of your hair. You can go to your stylist and get your hair cut, colored or styled in a way that makes it all look completely new to you and everyone else. If you feel that your hair does not have enough body to it already, getting a cut or style may not help you that much. Instead, you may want to consider adding extensions to your hair to change your look. When you look into extensions or wigs, you will find many choices and perhaps some terminology that you are unfamiliar with presented to you. You may see the term “virgin hair” used often and wonder what it is all about. We can explain the basics to you so you can see why this type of hair is most desirable.

Hair That is Untreated

When you see a listing for a wig or extension, and it mentions that the hair used is virgin, this indicates that they hair used is untreated and free of chemicals. This status lets you know that the hair you are getting comes directly from a hair donor that did not bleach, perm or use any chemicals on their hair. The hair will feel very soft to the touch, look very smooth and be natural. You will not have to worry about the hair containing any synthetics or fibers often used in other extensions or wigs.


what wirgin hair is all about

Great for Styling

When you get virginhair, you get hair that has a great deal of flexibility to it. You will find that you can style the hair just about any way that you would like. Hair that has already been treated can be limited in the types of styling that can be done to it. You will be able to style or color your hair without any difficulty. This hair also is thicker, providing you with hair that will not break easily or shed when you are combing, giving you a much more reliable look and feel.

Examine Our Collection

If you are interested in purchasing extensions or a wig made from virgin hair, take the time to look over the inventory we have available here at the Magic Hair Company by going to our website at You will find dozens of selections made from the finest natural hair you can get so that you can be sure you can get the beauty and style you want with your hair each day.

A great way to consider changing your overall look is to do something with your hairstyle. You do not have to make a dramatic change in the style, cut or length of your hair; even subtle differences can give you an entirely new look to those that see you every day. A simple adjustment like adding the right hair extension can be all you need to enhance the look of your hair. Here at the Magic Hair Company, we have a variety of different extensions for you to select from that can add length, body, and volume to your hair. When you are looking to give your hair a boost, you may want to consider a blonde hair extension to change things up.

Gain a Fuller Look

When you get the right hair extension, it can add an extensive amount of body and volume to your hair. Some women may lack the thicker volume of hair that others naturally possess and a proper extension will add the extra length that you may want along with the fuller body. This also can provide you with the ability to style your hair in ways that you may not have been able to in the past. With an extension, you can get styles that longer hair offer where you can completely transform your look.

Boost Your Hairstyle with a Blonde Hair Extension


Choosing the Best Extension

To ensure that you get the best look possible, you are going to want to spend some time choosing just the ideal blonde hair extension for yourself. Take a look at the different extensions that we have on our website so you can see which may provide you with the extra oomph you are seeking for your hair. We have many different offerings available so that you can find the right length and style to suit your particular needs. You also want to look closely at the different shades of blonde available so you can select the hair extension that fits best with what you want.

See All Our Options

If you would like to get a blond hair extension for yourself to change the look of your hair, head over to our website at so you can see all that we have to offer. We have many different extensions available for sale, so you are sure to see a style that entices you. At the Magic Hair Company, we can help you get that change in hairstyle so you can look and feel fantastic.

If you were not blessed with the type of hair that you really want or just want to achieve a different look for yourself with your hair, you have many great options available to you today. While some people may have an interest in going with a wig to create a new look, there are all kinds of extensions that you can explore that can add great length and body to your hair and create a completely new look for you. Even with extensions, your hair may still not be perfect for you. In cases like this, you may want to explore the idea of using a lace frontal with your hair to make everything seem more natural and give you a look you want.

A More Affordable Option

If you have ever explored the marketplace for full wigs, you know that they can be very expensive. To get a wig that looks great and is made well can easily cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If this option is not affordable to you, a frontal can be a better option. Frontals are a lot less of an investment for you, making it something that more people are looking into today. You can buy a frontal and have it placed into your hair at your hair salon by someone that is an expert in this type of work so you can be sure to get your hair in the style that is best for you and spend a lot less money.


Using a Lace Frontal with Your Hair

Versatile for Styling

When you get a lace frontal, you get something that provides you with a lot more versatility when it comes to styling. With a frontal, you get options that you may not have were you to buy a lace closure. Frontals allow for your hair to be pulled back in styling. You can easily integrate the frontal with your natural hair or with extensions you may have to create the style and pattern you want to show. This allows you to choose different options to create different looks.

See Our Frontal Options

 If you are interested in purchasing a lace frontal, then you will want to take a look at the options we have available at the Magic Hair Company. You can see all of our products when you visit our website at so you can learn what options are available and even order directly right from our web store. You can get the frontal you want so that you can create the beautiful hairstyle you always wished you had.

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